Meadow Falls - Book One

Meadow Falls - Book One

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(Formerly known as The Hunter in Meadow Falls) 

Nothing is the same ever since we moved into a small unheard town called Meadow Falls. By us, I mean my twin brother Nate and I.

My name is Melanie and this is my story.


Current cover created by KimZahra.

Witch_Queen_Elf Witch_Queen_Elf Apr 02, 2015
My Mom on the other hand has told Mr that I am not allowed to let anyone else plan her funeral and that she will come back and haunt me if there is not karaoke and dancing on her grave. Also, I am required to wear a witch hat and a corset dress.
That-Seahawk-Chick That-Seahawk-Chick Mar 03, 2015
This reminded me of Twilight; Eclipse. And HQ Agent reminded me of Divergent.  anyone with me
_DevilChild _DevilChild Dec 02, 2014
am gonna do that on my dad's grave ( selfish bastard won't pay the stupid child support )
dania_busy dania_busy Oct 06, 2014
I love the introduction.. it's different than the other books i've read
xxbeautifulsaviorxx xxbeautifulsaviorxx Oct 03, 2014
I love her<3 me and my friend learned how to play crystallized, it's my fave by her ❤
xXMissEsjayXx xXMissEsjayXx Sep 25, 2014
what if there are thousands of them? will the eagle die because of exhaustion?