The Woman of My Dreams  (Sans x Toriel)

The Woman of My Dreams (Sans x Toriel)

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Hibble Skibble By TheStickStudios Completed

After Frisk broke the barrier and freed all monsters, life has been hard for humans to cope with their new friends. But even if life is hard trying to suit their new lifestyle, everyone will stick together as long as they have the boss monsters sticking around. Ever since Frisk became the ambassador of monsters he has been excruciatingly trying to get the word out that monsters do no harm. But after a few weeks on the surface, two monsters have feelings for each other. They both can't express their feelings, but it's only a matter of time until they fall in love with each other and start a new life together. A life they won't forget.

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Temmie, you’re probably the only living being ever to find a way to make bits of cardboard popular.
missmable missmable Apr 12, 2017
Omg "Asgore won't be getting a girlfriend anytime soon" I died
comicgirlgamer comicgirlgamer Dec 16, 2017
yeah with the anime club or weebo club or anime trash club one of those
chii-soupling chii-soupling May 11, 2017
back to reality WHOOP there goes gravity............................papyrus's spaghetti
JasonThePokefan JasonThePokefan May 03, 2017
*Error Noises* Isn't Mettaton A He.......... Eh Whatever I've Seen Frisk As Both A Girl And A Boy And Frisk Is A Gender Neutral Character So Why Not Have Mettaton As A Girl Because Plot
xXBob_FramashXx xXBob_FramashXx Dec 31, 2016
Everyone is talking about how school sucks and I'm just here like "Dust? MONSTER DUST?!?!?!?!?!?!? I hope u killed Jerry"