Twilight - Jasper's Sister

Twilight - Jasper's Sister

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rrubyjjane By rrubyjjane Updated Nov 09, 2016

What would happen if Bella was Jasper's sister? 

Bella Whitlock is Jasper Whitlock's little sister. They were born one year apart and were very close growing up. 

When Jasper went to train in the Texax Calvery, Bella followed. And when Jasper became the youngest Major in the Texax Calvery, Bella was his right hand woman. 

However, when Jasper went missing, so did Bella. 

Bella had a rough start to the vampire life, as did Jasper. She was the best fighter in another newborn army, being manipulated to become a fighting machine. 

When Jasper finally got his freedom, so did Bella. 

Years later when Bella moves to Forks to continue her vampire life, she bumps into the person she least expected to see. 

However, with Bella's unheard of set of gifts, will Jasper recognise her? And what will happen when Bella starts to fall for a certain adopted brother of his?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the the amazing books that are The Twilight Saga and the amazing characters, I just mess with their lives.

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