The Devil & The God [Lucifer&Loki Book 1]  [COMPLETE]

The Devil & The God [Lucifer&Loki Book 1] [COMPLETE]

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As the God of Mischief tried to escape incarceration by the Thunder God of Asgard, his reckless act hurled him to another dimension, one he has never been in before. One that does not acknowledge the existence of  Asgard and its Gods, but One True God and His soldiers of Angels. 

Trying to find his way back home, he has to befriend Detective Chloe Decker, and her whimsical but refine friend Lucifer. 
Will the God of Mischief and the Devil of Hell face their enemy together? Or will they face off in chaos?

 Will Chloe have to choose? 

Will Dan ever get a break?

(scenes imagined happened right after first Avengers movie, and during first season Lucifer FOX series. I do not own characters from respective shows, unless they are not in the show )

might contain mature language.
 Any religious statements or innuendos are not the personal views of Author (just to be clear, this is Lucifer and a "God" here)

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KateKayson KateKayson Aug 19, 2017
This is legitimately good, and it makes sence (in a way), I'm hooked. Great job.
ScarNefarious ScarNefarious Apr 28, 2017
I am so happy I found your comment on a youtube Lucifer/Loki video, this is so much more than just worth reading
1DizzieFan 1DizzieFan Jul 24, 2016
I've already fall in love with this please continue writing till the end
SkullsNBones SkullsNBones Feb 07, 2017
It's really good!
                              I wanna say tho, I like the book description when it says 'Will Dan ever take a break?' xD
                              Already know I will love this book :p
bramalexander bramalexander Aug 18, 2016
This crossover makes me honor lucifer character...!! Awesome story..
Fuzzypandas626 Fuzzypandas626 Sep 25, 2016
Im all ready hooked. I can tell this is going to be my new fav. Fanfic 😄