To live past 19 #The2017Awards #THEGIGGLEAWARDS

To live past 19 #The2017Awards #THEGIGGLEAWARDS

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Sammy D. By BelovedDarkStranger Completed

I don't own Harry Potter or the characters. But the storyline is mine. No copyright permitted. 

The war has ended and everyone is grieving for their losses and recovering from the battle and the destruction it has caused. 
But Hermione has received news that changed everything. She survived one battle, only to come home to another, and this time it may be one she won't survive. 

The second of May, 1998. That was the battle of Hogwarts. The day she though it would all end. 

4 months had passed. 
It was August. And Hermione begged her parents to let her redo her final year at Hogwarts. 

She promised herself if she did go back, then no one was allowed to know what she had been dealing with and what she was still fighting. 

But what she hadn't been expecting was that Malfoy would find out far before anyone else would. 
He helps her more than anyone else could, showing both what the hard years had done to both young adults. 

They both fight for something together, 
To live past 19.


to anyone who is battling cancer, i hope you'll get better and just know that I'm praying for you
Dont tell me she's dying...she has cancer, isn't she??!??😭😭
chandlerss chandlerss Jul 20
 #rr I know what happens but won't spoil cuz I'm a nice rereader #nicerr
do you guys know that cancer is a vitamin deficiency its a fact btw haha
My great aunt who was a kind lady who I could always talk to lost her battle to cancer
danny_126 danny_126 Aug 09, 2016
Pleae update soon!!!! I can't wait to read what comes next!!!!!!!!