The Bloody Hell! fan fiction starts with Harry being sixteen years old and getting new powers from his ancestors. Then Uncle Vernon beats him up, and Remus and Snape take him back to Hogwarts. There the secret of Harry's birth is unveiled and Harry and co. become the new generation of the Marauders. Ron accidentally changes Harry into a girl, and Harriet befriends Draco Malfoy. She discovers that she's also a youkai (demon) and together with Ryu (Draco) she travels back in time in the Warring Era in Japan where she meets Inuyasha and...
Trelawaney or whatever was right Harry did die sooner or later just not in the movies he died of old age
why do i think of draco malfoy when its describing salazar slytherin?
This is awesome! I hope you finish it (if it's not already!)
Nurses are called Healers in this world haha(: (don't see why tho)
Trelawny isn't a fraud. She was cursed so no one believes her prophecies.
I love this book I've read it 20 times you should make another based off of this one. Lol heck make the whole set!