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Seven Deadly Crows

Seven Deadly Crows

10.9K Reads 588 Votes 8 Part Story
Haikyuu_Shippn_Trash By Haikyuu_Shippn_Trash Completed

Pairings: Daichi/Suga(mainly), Kageyama/Hinata, Yamaguchi/Tsukishima Nishinoya/Asahi, Yachi/Kiyoko, Tanaka/Ennoshita, Kinoshita/Narita
Warnings: Cursing, kissing, some mild sexual scenes and references

Summary: Daichi Sawamura is very popular, even with the ladies, as a shy girl in the same prep class confesses her love to him. He rejects her since he already likes someone else, a silver hair angel in his volleyball team, who is a boy! He tries his best to be polite to her, but little does he know that she is a bitch and a witch. With all of her rage the girl curses six members of the team  (one of them Suga) and one of the managers a Seven Deadly Sin each. As if he awoken from a nightmare, he finds himself back to his classroom. He starts disbelieves every word the creepy mysterious girl spoke, until he sees Suga acting strange, more flirtatious to him and his classmates and finds out she did curse half of the team. He tries his best to find the non-cursed teammates and tells them to go to the club room to make a plan. Do they find out how they can break the curse? Does it include anything with love? Does any other teammates have feeling for each other?And does Daichi ever confess his love to Suga?

-Satori- -Satori- 2 days ago
Getting confessed to:
                              Daichi: *Thinks of a whole fūcking paragraph*
                              Me: your feelings will go away soon~!
Bitch dafaq u dont deserve dadchis dick
                              (Sorry) 😘😇😘😇
Jirachiwishangel Jirachiwishangel 5 days ago
i read the summary and title and the first thing i thought was
                              EVILLIOUS CHRONICLES
HOW DO YOU THINK OF ALL THIS ON THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD?!?  When I gat confessed, I just say 'No.  I can't return your feelings. Have a nice day~!'
Mixleed Mixleed Jan 24
There's no Oikawa and his pair ;-; (I forget its been too long)
isBokuto isBokuto Dec 05, 2016
You're gonna have to make it real clear dad. No clue who you're talking bout