A Taehyung Smut Story: Never Have I Ever

A Taehyung Smut Story: Never Have I Ever

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enasnifan16 By enasnifan16 Completed

Lets play a game: Never Have I Ever. Only 5 fingers.

1: Never have I ever been skydiving
2: Never have I ever been high/ drunk
3: Never have I ever been in legal trouble
4: Never have I ever read a G-Dragon Fanfic
5: Never have I ever liked getting tickled

I don't know if you lost, but if you would like to play again then continue reading this story/smut about me and Taehyung.

ttuandimsum ttuandimsum Dec 19, 2016
MARK? AS IN MARK TUAN? AS IN MARK TUAN FROM GOT7? AS IN MY ULT BIAS? AS IN THE ONE PERSON I LIKE MORE THAN TAEHYUNG? THAT MARK? even if you just used the name mark randomly, imma go with what *I* want it to be
I would have said oh hell no I'm gonna beat someone's ass and tried to look for that idiot.
Omg THANKS TO my friend who speaks Korean like all the time I know what Pabo means. And wtf is this story n these characterd
I live for food. I've been to some parties where they don't serve food and I'm like why