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♡ By dolantumblr Updated Nov 24, 2017

"I love you too, but we can't be together."


"Because I'm 13, you are older than me."

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pcakedolans pcakedolans Dec 02, 2017
“May be your little bro but I’m bigger in every way😉”
                              -Grayson Dolan 2016
Lanaeee2 Lanaeee2 Jul 20, 2017
They about to be 18 and im going to be 15. I dont see the problem
dolanntwinzzzz dolanntwinzzzz Nov 06, 2017
There going to be 18 and im going to be 16...i kinda relate but 1 yr off
xoxo_maddy_xoxo xoxo_maddy_xoxo Dec 26, 2017
I'm turning 17 in may so I can still date the twins. Age of consent is 16!!
Itz_Viru_Bruh Itz_Viru_Bruh Dec 06, 2017
Annnnndddd chill fam but try and add some cranberry juice and maybe even a game of Jenna 😉😉😂😂❤️❤️😭😭✨✨
buppydolan buppydolan Oct 21, 2017
You’ll be just dancing on his body soon. Jk she’s only 13 😂😂