Forced Marriage (BTS Jungkook and Lee Halla)

Forced Marriage (BTS Jungkook and Lee Halla)

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Hallkookie143 By Hallkookie143 Updated Sep 05, 2016

Lee Halla is a rich, innocent girl who lives in a big mansion that consists of: maids, butlers, security guards, and her mother and father. Her parents are all about royalty and fancy but she's a rebel with a kind heart.

In school, there's a star student, besides Halla. He is popular, handsome, and charming. He belongs to a gang called BTS.

One day Halla gets a request from her parents, saying she must marry another man who she barely knows. But when if she actually knows that man too well?

BTSARMY100 BTSARMY100 Dec 15, 2016
in real life, we all know Jungkook will be that little cute innocent bunny who is so shy but likes to be friends with everyone XD
Ice8487 Ice8487 Nov 15, 2016
Is 7 your favourite number. I'm asking cause I am seeing it so often
BTSARMY100 BTSARMY100 Dec 15, 2016
is jeon jungkook her long lost brother
                              Is it her rival or something at school or enemy idk