Meine Prinzessin~Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner X Reader

Meine Prinzessin~Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner X Reader

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✞Kenna✞ By nevermindmakenna Updated Jan 03, 2017

*Based off of young kurt*Y/N wasn't always a mutant. Actually she only discovered her mutations quite recently. Gained with courage through other mutants, such as mystique, she decides on telling her parents about her abilities. 

Well bad idea. Her mother absolutely despises mutants and wants her out immediately. After seeing the reaction of her mother, Y/N is afraid to share her gifts with any other humans. She boards a bus to a safe haven by the name of "Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters" 

She enrolls at the school fascinated by all the other mutants. Particularly a blue one by the name of Kurt. Something about him is so alluring and special. At that moment, she didn't know that Kurt would be someone she would laugh with, cry with and love. 


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It is not beauty that determines who we love, but love, whom we find beautiful.
ToSaltyForTheSea ToSaltyForTheSea Nov 27, 2017
"A salt filled water droplet roll down my cheek", thus I was born!!!!
ThatTotalFangirl ThatTotalFangirl Jun 14, 2017
Just so we're clear I DONT blame you I mean who can resist his charm no one that's who
SondraDorenbos SondraDorenbos Apr 16, 2017
I speak dutch so it was easier to decode. You have to take into consideration that wording is different in the two languages. 
                              It's not beauty that decides who we love. It's love that decides who we find beautiful.
Death_Blaze123 Death_Blaze123 Jun 21, 2016
I love it, the accent is good, can't wait for the next post. ^.^
hic_jack_hiro_dashi hic_jack_hiro_dashi Oct 12, 2016
I call him shining becuse he's quicksilver,you kn-ya. Never mind