Attack on Junior High!ᵀᴹ(Levixreader)

Attack on Junior High!ᵀᴹ(Levixreader)

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This is the second book to 'Attack on Kindergarten!'
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>>Thanks for the 56k reads!!<<

(Y/n) has moved once again to the towns of Japan,to work as a teacher,at the 'Maria Junior High'.

She has once again met up with the children of the daycare she used to work at.But,also,she met again Levi Ackerman who is now the fiancé of Miki Otonashi!

The trust they had is slowly drifting away, but will it be too late?

Or will the children get them together once again?

Hope you enjoy~!

-I do not own any of the Attack on Titan cast!Only my OC that appears there!

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LunaTheFangirl15 LunaTheFangirl15 Jan 17, 2018
Wow that's a little easy...double eveything except the push ups!
_Shadow__Fist_ _Shadow__Fist_ Jul 24, 2017
                              Hanji- YOU BET ITS COMING BACK 
                              HANJI SHUT UP NO ONE ASKED YOU
underscorename underscorename Feb 10, 2018
So... Hanji was really there when Levi and the Reader-chan’s did it huh? Typical Hanji
Dil_With_This Dil_With_This Aug 13, 2017
My top reason why I don't trust people and why I don't have a boyfriend
I actually kinda prefer it lol, since my OC that I use for this has that kind of personality so it fits better😂
Levi!!! Why did you do this to me!?! I offer all my love for but...!! How?!?  
                              Wait... Author-chan! I know they will be a plot twist in the end.😈