FIFTIES || Newtmas

FIFTIES || Newtmas

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✦Princess Bambi™✦ By sxngsters Updated 5 days ago

You're gay.

You love a boy.

You'll be jailed if anyone finds out.

The same goddamn thoughts over,and over,and over,and over again;Like a broken record that's so loud,it's hard to ignore.Also,like a broken record that once broken,cannot be changed or fixed--just like Thomas.


A story in which Newt is a greaser and Thomas is a boy who despises them.

This story takes place in the 1950's +

love it! especially TBS gif and Kaya's! which movie is it from? just saying, I love Kaya, she's so pretty and an amazing actress...(does that sound superficial?) they all are amazing!
ThIs story keeps popping up in my news feed and I'm v excited to finally read it