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Kayla By kayl_cole Completed

Can a relationship based off lies and deceit succeed?  

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Warning: Some chapters are not edited. There is some mature content in this book, so some chapters may be on private (you have to follow to see them). I own NONE of the pictures shown; 100% credit to owner of the pictures respectively. Any characters selected to play the roles in this FICTION book are not in any way depicted based on their characteristics in real life. If any of MY work is copied on any site, including this one, punishments should and will excepted that include being reported and if needed, outside consequences.

Aint you a business woman? How they gon take the money you earn?
sher38 sher38 Nov 18, 2016
Wow! A mouthful most times it doesn't work.True love hits you without warning you can't vision it,it just happens it hasn't happen to me,so iv'e heard but hearing it I think that is how things like that schoul be unpredictable.I do hope to find that.
Taylorgang03 Taylorgang03 Nov 21, 2016
Not all rap music is bad not be rude but closed mind people only see the bad in rap because even though their are some  more bad, ignorant, dishonest, and questionable rap there is deep, meaningful, important, intelligent, need to be said, honest rap
Eclectic_mix Eclectic_mix Dec 16, 2016
OMG I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS LADY!! Can anyone tell me who she is??
px_marri px_marri Dec 12, 2016
That's how my granny is. What's meant to be a 10 minute call can turn into a 2 hour call easily. It's like when I say bye she wants to talk even more😂😂😂
dejahtooblessedhill dejahtooblessedhill Dec 28, 2016
I wish my parents would lol! That's why I'm glad that I'm not well off and my folks don't care who I date. As long as the guy treats me right.