{Ivy's Little Sister}A Laurance X Reader FanFiction

{Ivy's Little Sister}A Laurance X Reader FanFiction

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small otaku bean By Alexa_maximoff Updated Nov 27

(Y/n)'s just another girl trying to live her sophomore life but,when a certain soccer player enters her life,Everything!is turned upside down..

She falls in love selflessly

she gets her heart broken

can he get her to forgive him..?

follow the reader and her roller coaster of this wonderful thing called life..

Zane groans me
                              Me: Hey Don't Do That You Have No Reason To Be Ashamed I Do.
                              Zane: And Why Is That.
                              Me: I'm IVY'S sister.
                              Zane: Seriously
                              Me: Ya
                              Zane: Omi I Am So Sorry Who Put This Dreadful Curse On You!
luna_Moon_1234 luna_Moon_1234 5 days ago
okay why the heck am i getting bullyed from my own (fake) sister thats just low even for highschool ivy
amytdg amytdg Oct 18
I like Sand Blast (I forgot who made the song) and the clock maker and Cross Fire even Bullitt train
                              I got a lot of fave songs
                              My OC looks and is A LOT like Ivy. We both dyed our hair, we both have names of things (Owl and poison ivy) and we both have blue eyes! Perfect!
Wow I think I might be the only one that will say that my (f/s) is Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS
Wait if i was in military school wouldn't they have taught me how to kick and stuff so u could kick the locker door open? Also good chapter