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Miraculum By Dark_Mysteries Updated Mar 23

''If Karma won't hit you, I will.''


Sayuri Takeda couldn't understand why this happened to her.

Aside from her being a hardcore otaku, there seems to be no valid answer, she was quite happy with her life, nice friends, a cool family, good grades, other people would kill to be in her place.

But unfortunately for her, the gods had other plans.

Sucked into a new world, she unlocks some things that were never mentioned to her.

Nanami needs some respect, handling anime characters was definitely hard, It may look easy, but being in the world of Kamisama kiss it's quite hard and complicated, let me tell you this.....this is anything but easy.

Especially since she wants to prove that she can handle herself, and doesn't need any help from anybody.

Wait..hold on for a second, why is she a flora goddess?

(Former Title: Stuck in Kamisama kiss- Summary changed)

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- - Mar 09
I would kill for such grades. If I actually studied I would have them... Buoh well
- - Mar 09
Well, I got a fast friendship with @TanakaKayaha and it's a stronger bond than the one I have with people in my class (besides my other BFF)
Now ,what did mom tell u to say when a random person comes up to you and asks if we could live together?
jpegs109 jpegs109 Jul 22
@valexxx_ watch this qnime and you'll understand why I taged you
friesenhan friesenhan Oct 09
It's Emerald,  or Emerarudo if you want it to be typical Japanese.....
Karinx777 Karinx777 May 08
Woah, woah, woah, WOAH! Hold it...Doesn't she have like her own shrine...........I'm lost....