Blunt Knives And Brutal Hearts

Blunt Knives And Brutal Hearts

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P R I N C E S S By loveanimelol Updated Dec 03, 2016

Finals are coming up for Peter Parker, he no longer has time to spare for being Spider-Man. 

Luckily, New York crime seems to be a little understating for a while. Well, except for the famous masked mercenary Pool. Dead. 

Poor Peter, having one crazy scared merc knowing both your identities, but not knowing they correlate. He's on a thin rope here. 

And that rope, won't last forever. 

But with the dangers of being a superhero Blunt knives so not get cut and a Brutal heart to not get hurt are all that matter.

btllama btllama Jul 15, 2016
Okay, this is gonna sound weird, but that reminded me of Satan. From Supernatural, of course.
I know you have no chill, but please at least  pretend  you have it