The Hunger Games (Youtuber Edition)

The Hunger Games (Youtuber Edition)

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Mom By KaylyneTheNerd Updated Nov 02, 2016

Take a really good movie about murdering shit and throw in some of our favourite youtubers, let's see what happens!

Youtubers include Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Lordminion77, Muyskerm, Yamimash, Cryatoic, Cinnamontoastken, Danisnotonfire, and AmazingPhil

There will be ships in this story, including Septiplier (obviously) Pewdiecry, and Phan. If you don't like these ships then get the fuck out, I don't need your hate. Let the people who want to read the story enjoy the story.

Beccaplier2004 Beccaplier2004 Sep 26, 2016
Please say they will become like Peeta and Katniss and at the very end of the story they get married and have (for Mark and Jack, adopt) kids!!!
wolfblood6 wolfblood6 Jan 08
I REALLY hope Jack and Mark are the Katniss and Peeta of this book. As in the survive lol
ManyTheArtist ManyTheArtist Dec 03, 2016
*Finishes reading sassy author's note*
                              I think we'll get along.
lili-senpie lili-senpie Dec 24, 2016
Ok. I mean Ive seen the huger games and the sequels do yeah. I'll be okay. I might comment NOOOO WWHHYYY or HOOIWW OMG IM CRYYIINGG or something like that but I wont chew you out. LOV U AUTHOR! also nice story idea I give you props for that.
I'll like it no matter what! unless you kill jack then you are dead to me.
MGBA1234 MGBA1234 Sep 25, 2016
And if that is not how jack dies (if he dies) then i am not satisfied