SuperCat OneShots

SuperCat OneShots

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Tara_Tyler By Tara_Tyler Updated Dec 15, 2016

Cat had never really minded not having found her soulmate. She enjoyed being able to have color in her life. Rainbows, the sky on cloudless days, and her giant pink cat statue all pleased her and brought happiness into her life. Then again, everyone that she knew who had already found their life-mates said that those things had been important to them as well, until they weren't. Still, Cat loved life the way it was and didn't care for it to change.

Cat had Carter. She had two wonderful sons and one of the world's largest companies to run. She had Harrison Ford flirting with her and Bernie Sanders asking to do hot yoga. She didn't know why she would ever need anything more. Cat was perfectly pleased being lonely.


Kara was pretty sure that no matter the encouragements her family gave her, she was destined to be alone. She was an actual alien from another planet. Her fears were too great to address with Kal-El and Barry Allen thought that  it was the greatest thing that...

Just saying that Cat and Eliza are practically the same age 😂