Twin Kuran Princess Rescued

Twin Kuran Princess Rescued

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A Kuran not any Kuran but a princess locked in the basment so no one knows a Kuran who's abused for having white hair & blue/ red eyes who's world will 
Change by one person but who?


 Please like it 
P.s. Black butler/Diabolik lovers/ Vampire knight fanfiction that's what it is. An a little kokkuri-san

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quick question i never get why do people who run away leave a letter behind? i'm like come on are you being serious here??!!! why do something as stupid as that??!!! 'm not saying i have a problem with it i just really wanna know why
Kaname: That's not what I meant Mizuki! 
                              Mizuki: *runs to her room and locks herself inside*
                              Me: *looks at kaname*
                              Kaname: WHAT!!
The_Galaxy_Kuran The_Galaxy_Kuran May 21, 2017
Me: *get's guitar* This is a song I made for Kaname *strums guitar*
Jeanandfennekin8 Jeanandfennekin8 Aug 30, 2016
How does this work if almost all of the Sakamaki's are perverts?
cutekillerrozu cutekillerrozu Sep 06, 2016
Holly crap this makes me think about my friend when she's angry
CuteKuroh22 CuteKuroh22 Feb 02, 2017
that name tho XD
                              karlheinzy XD
                              please keep the name like that i like it :3