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Asher, is the cocky, arrogant, rude, and closed off Ceo of The National Elect Industries. He works hard for what he wants. He has everything he needs except one thing... A personal assistant until Natalia fulfills the position. Unfortunately they loathe each other. She puts him in his place, while he pushes her buttons. However Natalia's young daughter clenches at Asher's heart and possibly ties Natalia and Asher together.

Natalia, is a sarcastic, independent, opinionated, and strong willed women. Recently having a baby at 3 years of age. Natalia fulfills the position of a personal assistant of the CEO of The National Elect Industries. She accepts the job to make a successful living for her and her daughter. However she can't stand him, let alone working for him. However, Natalia's little daughter warms up to Asher. She sees a side of him that draws her to him and possibly take interest in.

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QadiraSterling QadiraSterling 3 days ago
This one a really nice intro to this story. It gave a lot without giving a lot.
i love purple!!!!!!! PURPLE'S THE BEST COLOUR IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!