xenophilia | joshler [✓]

xenophilia | joshler [✓]

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1. [noun] an attraction to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs.

joshua dun never believed in aliens.
that is, until he met one.

aka the alien!joshler fluff no one asked for.

lowercase intended.
(completed: september 3, 2016)

My brother anytime I talk. Like boi if you wanna understand the way I talk pic up a book don't tell me I'm to smart for my age when your older and can't understand half the things I say. 
                              Sorry for that rant I'll leave now.
Haha I remember in kindergarten kids just stopped talking to me because when I talked they couldn't understand what I was saying- they didn't know what all of the 'big words' meant...I had a great childhood XD
They're rare but they are a thing I really like this story so far tho