xenophilia | joshler [✓]

xenophilia | joshler [✓]

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1. [noun] an attraction to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs.

joshua dun never believed in aliens.
that is, until he met one.

aka the alien!joshler fluff no one asked for.

lowercase intended.
(completed: september 3, 2016)

10k Reads: Dec. 17, 2016

skoopyjim skoopyjim Dec 06, 2016
are you pulling some x files reference because then I WANT TO BELIEVE
Neko-Anyomus-Neko Neko-Anyomus-Neko Dec 14, 2016
the thing that attracted me most about this was the cover tbh
-vicecity -vicecity Dec 03, 2016
i can just imagine a little nine year old version of josh and a nine year old version of pete and it's just so cute and i think i might pass out like just think about that and try to imagine them, okay?
shinydun shinydun Dec 14, 2016
They're p rare (and I don't understand why) and I'm happy I found this
Milk_Friend Milk_Friend Dec 13, 2016
okay you can't prove they exist BUT you also can't prove they DON'T exist.
Twenty_Dun_TaxiCabs Twenty_Dun_TaxiCabs Sep 28, 2016
My brother anytime I talk. Like boi if you wanna understand the way I talk pic up a book don't tell me I'm to smart for my age when your older and can't understand half the things I say. 
                              Sorry for that rant I'll leave now.