The Alpha's Destiny (A Septiplier Fanfic)

The Alpha's Destiny (A Septiplier Fanfic)

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K̴a̷t By katzombiegirl Completed

Two packs, one destiny. Can they do it?

For centuries, the DarkMoon Pack has had a passionate hate towards SilverAsh pack. Even the upcoming alphas, Mark and Jack, hate each other. Until one fateful day started bringing them together.

Book 1: Alpha's Destiny
Book 2: I Promise

aleishap123 aleishap123 Aug 01
I feel like this story is gonna have a death of a bachelor (cough…or 2...cough)
*starts making inhumane noises* BREEEEEEENDOOOOON *dies from fangirling* *rises from the dead to fangirl more*
YEAH CAT FIGHT! ........
                              Wait no 
                              Dog fight?!?
                              Female fight
Okay but this is legit amazing. I would've wrote this whole story just so I could put that one line in.
Karrie_luv Karrie_luv Aug 04
*Felix's voice from the surgeon simulator* Awh, thas soh cute. He's so kawaii ^-^
infinity_nightowl infinity_nightowl Dec 11, 2016
Holy shet this is like Romeo and Juliet's prologue but a whole lot fcking better. Thank gawd cuz i can't stand anymore of that shet. Especially my final being in it.