What I've Done... (Jeff The Killer Love Story)

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Sarahi A.C. De Havana By Unbreakable_Heart Updated a year ago
    Thats what she did.... After killing her parents Skyler ran into the woods. She never knew she would be able to pull it off...put she did..
    In the forest the police lost her trail now she wonders alone there. Little did she know someone wached the WHOLE thing and was even following her now.
    What is she doing now?
    She felt reget put pleasure in ther deaths... Who knew she woud be Getting Away with Murder
Loved it, but it would be better without Jeff, just my opinion.
I don't know if you like constructive criticism but I think you should have dragged her going all cray cray out a little bit longer...
Update! OH MY GOD You do not know how much I am yelling. xD Sorry. :3
OMG! AWESOME! I love the descriptions and the fact that she suddenly snapped kinda like Jeff. It's just so interesting and you need to update!
OMG SHE`S A SCENE right? or Emo i love them both im scene! and ohhh she likes my music too ya!
Weird fact: I just discovered this on quotev....
                                    anywho I love how you added Jeff's smile that is constantly bleeding!