Silent But Deadly (Karma X Reader)

Silent But Deadly (Karma X Reader)

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≪|≫ By soopea Updated Oct 19, 2016

You and Karma are similar or the same. 
They say that opposites attract but what about similarities?

Will it work out?

With Karma by your side, the both of you always get in detention, papers, and etc. Heck, you even always point out a gun in the middle of class. 
You two turned out to be rivals or frenemies, knowing the fact that you two are really similar.
Lucky for you, you stayed in Class A due to your looks and high grades that got your back. On the other hand Karma was sent to Class E.

Since that you're visiting him in Class E, he's trying to convince you to transfer to there to double the mischief.

A story that takes an adventure of a student in the End Class. Little by little, you fell in love with your 'Partner in Crime' and you didn't notice.

Will you realize your feelings? Or will he fall for you first?

YASSS!! Another Husbando story of mine.
I don't own Ansatsu Kyoushitsu and especially you Readers.
I hope you guys enjoy!

TBBAAM, hmmm. The four bad boys and me roam around my small peanut brain. 😂
Ok umm it's weird but true partners in crime is one of my favorite Nightcore songs😐
Karisa-Kiron_Soriano Karisa-Kiron_Soriano Nov 03, 2016
Thats it you just crossed the line BAKABANE BAKARMA!!! Curse you ya SPAWN OF SATAN!!! *bangs head on a cemented wall* dont think of him dont think of him *keeps hitting head on cemented wall* dont think of him dont think of him dont think of him dont think of him!!!
KJamesXx KJamesXx Jul 09, 2016
Wow. Just wow. It's so... Detailed.
                              Why you don't do dis to TBBAAM, huh?!
Sharesefontaine Sharesefontaine Jul 08, 2016
I-i am n-n-not cute ....nor a-am I cuddly!! B-baka boy!
                              *blushes crimstone red*
Aliagel Aliagel Dec 31, 2016
I don't get it (ಥ﹏ಥ) I'm sorry. But I liked it 😍😉. Ikaw Sophieeee ha! 😂😂