Wait For Me (Slight Kid Kakashi x Reader)

Wait For Me (Slight Kid Kakashi x Reader)

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psychic dragon of the leaf By katsumitheanimegirl Updated Jan 01

In a time long ago, there was a girl who sold her soul. Everything she worked hard for, ripped away in seconds. With one pleading wish, a desperate attempt to live once again and fix her mistakes, she was reborn. Till this very day, she lives, seeking out that one opportunity to get back what she lost.

But this story isn't about her. No, no. This is of a girl who happens upon a life changing event and dances with fate itself. And this girl, you ask? Well, its (Y/n) of course, who else?

Do you dare to join the story on how it all began? Well its now or never, we can only wait for so long. Shall we?

  Disclaimer, I do not own Naruto-shippuden or you, just the book.

Now, for those of you who typed in "Kakashi x Reader" and got this. Lemme tell you, this is only the beginning of it. Therefore, this is only a slight "Kid Kakashi x reader."

And mind you, this is my first actual story that I've ever written and published and it is currently under construction, so here's your warning.

⚠ People may be out of character
⚠ Cliches lie here
⚠ Can be deemed cringe worthy depending on how you take things
⚠ lots of fluff
⚠ Alterations- like me messing with people's ages.

With that said, read at your own risk.

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piper4562 piper4562 Feb 15
I just pretend like *I AM* that girl 😂😂 I read the name as my name 😂😂😂
CipherStrange CipherStrange Mar 30, 2017
It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure
                              That we welcome you tonight/today
                              And now, we invite you to relax
                              Let us pull up a chair
                              As the author proudly presents
                              Her story! *for you guys*
aimylew aimylew Apr 12
                              MKAY DEN
katsumitheanimegirl katsumitheanimegirl Jun 05, 2017
My apologies for being too lazy to add this info sooner, but all of you are 10-11 ish in this story
                              And so is all the other shinobis
lucyrose757 lucyrose757 Mar 27, 2017
"Thousands of years ago, a beautiful girl somehow stumbled upon a dragon"
                              NEW DRAGON-SLAYER???!!!?!?!?!
Raventheturtle Raventheturtle Sep 04, 2016
Same, i like your thinking... Not at lot of authors think as you seem to