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He Became The Unimaginable

He Became The Unimaginable

11.5K Reads 331 Votes 18 Part Story
LilyGraceRose By LilyGraceRose Updated Jan 29

"Please... stop... I'm sorry... please... it... will never... happen... again", I pant as my vision begins to blur. Tears start to stream down my face uncontrollably as he tightens the grip around my neck. 

"Shut the fuck up bitch! You're mine and no one else can have you! Do you understand?"                                                                                                       ______________________________________

Sienna finds herself tortured, threatened and abused by the man she once loved. Everyday has become a living, breathing nightmare that she's trying so desperately to escape.

Follow Sienna through her lowest moments and see the possible future she could have if she manages to combat Leo's damaging persona. What's waiting on the horizon for the girl who's been deprived of love for so long?

*WARNING* This book contains graphic violent and sexual scenes with triggering themes such as abuse. 

Recommended reading age 15+ 

| Highest Rank: #34 in Mystery/Thriller |

sandiwardbooks sandiwardbooks Sep 19, 2016
This is a very sad start. :( I wonder what will happen with her...
What a rebel I'm not 15 till July yet I'm reading... And at quarter to one in the morning...