105 Life Hacks Part 2

105 Life Hacks Part 2

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-Part 2 of 103 Life Hacks-

life·hack: (noun) a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way

It's time to make our life easier with life hacks. Some hacks might just amaze you! No hate, just enjoy! :)

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kinleymck kinleymck Jun 19, 2016
this is cool! but im more likely to have gatorade than koolaid anyway
purely_weird purely_weird Jun 19, 2016
Cool but unfortunately, not so usefull for me because here in Serbia, we don't have kool aid. Or half the things I would love if we did have here.
_SimplyThinking_ _SimplyThinking_ Dec 10, 2016
If you take an unsweetened kool aid you can use it as hair dye
thatonekidnamedjamia thatonekidnamedjamia Jun 19, 2016
Man , it's hot outside
                              We can't find no shaaade
                              Step up in my house
                              I know you thirsty
                              But please don't touch my koolaid. 😘🍹