But Let's Pretend It's Love ; Marichat [Ongoing]

But Let's Pretend It's Love ; Marichat [Ongoing]

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(Mostly sin) 

Marinette finally comes to the realisation that she's falling for Chat. And as each give up on their previous loves, they settle for second choice. Or so they tell themselves. 

But when old flames start flickering, will it finally break them hard enough to reveal their secrets?

"You're my Princess..."

"And you're my Kitty"



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If he do sent figure her out well.....that's one oblivious banana!
I have 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 gallons extra! Anyone want some?!
You sure it's a switch that's being turned on? Cause I'm pretty sure it's you who is
*drops magical girl wand* DANG! THAT FREAKING ESCALATED QUICKLY!
Did anyone notice that her parents walked in on this and did nothing didn't say a word
sage77 sage77 Jan 07
Oi, it was in the show the first episode!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how I remember it was the first ep.