Where Thou Art, That Is Home (Hetalia Fanfic)

Where Thou Art, That Is Home (Hetalia Fanfic)

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The Prettiest Girl At The Blood Moon Ball By BookBird1497 Completed

Book Two of the "Home" series.

"Don't be scared, Tael. Things might look bad but they will get better. They always do."
"But how can you know for sure?"
"Because I just do."

Some of you might remember Alice Carlea Jones, sometimes known as Melina Andrews. Well, she got married. She has three children now, too.
And someone, or something, is trying to kill her. 
They want to tear her life apart as well as her family. Everything that is happening is connected in a strange and disconcerting way. Perhaps not even her uncle's vast knowledge of magical phenomena can save her.
She has to find out who or what it is that wants to kill her, and for what reason. 
And, eventually, find her way back home again. Preferably all in one piece, but there aren't any guarantees anymore.

"There is work to be done, Alice. You're needed elsewhere."

CanadaxOC, EnglandxOC, AmericaxOC, ScotlandxOC, RussiaxOC, PrussiaxOC, and possibly a few other various OCxOC pairings I'll throw in later on. Things are a little iffy in the planning, but then again they always are.
Hetalia AU(s)
Rated PG-13 for swearing, some suggestive themes, a character death, and too much awesomeness for your own good.
BAH, read at your own risk. Feels will be crushed, revived, and crushed again in a never-ending cycle.
Sorry, that's just how I work. And you'll enjoy yourself, I promise.
Hetalia is owned by Hidekaz Himaruya, I own nothing I reference/use! All I possess are the OCs, the plot, and the work it takes to create this story.

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mgm1274 mgm1274 Apr 07, 2015
I'M SO HAPPY YOU MADE ANOTHER ONE! After reading book one I haven't been able to read much fanfiction because nothing could top it. Thank you so much!!!
lilpizzaduck lilpizzaduck Aug 27, 2014
haha I've literally gone straight from the last book onto this one
karmea karmea May 31, 2014
How do you add a picture to the chapter itself? That is great~
- - Feb 01, 2014
crazycatlady46 crazycatlady46 Jan 30, 2014
So many plot twists it keeps you waiting for the next update!!!
CallicusFinch CallicusFinch Dec 31, 2013
But the first book left off with such a good ending, I wouldn't want to spoil it now. (I read it like a couple of weeks ago.)