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You know what this is about

I take requests!!!
Just write it down in the comments❤❤❤

Includes also Yandere and baby daddy's so enjoy and please tell me your toughts.

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h-e-e-r-i-o h-e-e-r-i-o Aug 09
You don't have to tell me I'm fat, Kakashi!
                              I already know.
Just Letting you know. Its 'Ichiraku Ramen' Other then that I like this lemon (^ω^)
h-e-e-r-i-o h-e-e-r-i-o Aug 09
Hehe, you mean when I was seven?
                              Wow, I must be an accomplished young woman if he was my sensei at seven...
                              I'm proud XDDDDD
h-e-e-r-i-o h-e-e-r-i-o Aug 09
All my friends believe I read (and watch) hentai...
                              I do, but they aren't COMPLETELY sure about it XD
toshirolove toshirolove Aug 03
I wish I had a flat chest as I was growing up all I wanted was tits and now that I have them I realized they suck
Them fighting words you cotton candy haired dumb fangirl! 
                              *announcer* Round 1
                              *knocks her out and watches as she has to go to the medics, cackling evilly before flowers surround me as I skip to Kakashi* 
                              Kashi-kun~ I'm your favourite student, now and forever, forever and always!