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Pokemon Roleplay

Pokemon Roleplay

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Risk By RiskTheRiolu Updated Jul 07

This is just a simple Pokemon Roleplay that anyone can enjoy with anyone! I'll always be here, along with Riku the Shaymin. We're always here for an adventure, so go ahead and have as much fun as you want- sometimes, fun is just waiting for you! 
(New areas/places to RP will be added as we discover them, so this will always be expanding the more adventures happen)


CameronNO CameronNO Jul 15
Name: Zorro
                              Species: Zoroark
                              Ability: Transform
                              Nice set: Fire fang, flamethrower, shadow pulse, night blade
                              Personality: Cunning but caring
                              Backstory: Was separated from her family when she was a young Zoura
TehBlazer TehBlazer Jul 18
Name: Foodie
                              Species: Munchlax
                              Gender: Male
                              Ability: Thick Fat
                              Move set: Snatch, Body Slam, Defense Curl, Rollout
                              Personality: Lazy, Loves to eat and sleep, Never knows a thing about what's happening around him, Doesn't care about anything but food, Will do anything for food
Navigator21 Navigator21 Apr 08
Nahid fell on the ground, with dust spreading everywhere after  his unsuccessful landing. But he was made of steel, and falling from such a height made him overheat, and the grass on which he landed was releasing smoke. 
Name: Mikiki
                              Species: Mimikyu
                              Moveset: Shadow ball, shadow claw, mimic, and copycat
                              Ability: Disguise
                              Personality: Hard to desceibe, but i guess Shyish, gets angry easily, nice sometimes.
                              Extras: none
Name : Rapid 
                              Species : Starmie
                              Ability : Natural Cure
                              Move set : Rapid Spin, Power Gem, Hydro Pump, Reflect
                              Personality : Bold, and Simple
                              Backstory: A Starmie which washed up into a beach
Name: Lucas
                              Species: Lucario
                              Gender: Male
                              Ability: Steadfast
                              Move set: Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Close Combat, Power-Up Punch.
                              Personality: He is quiet and tends to keep to himself, he has trust issues due to his past. He enjoys a good battle and is always focused while in battle.