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Pokemon Roleplay

Pokemon Roleplay

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Risk By RiskTheRiolu Updated Jan 02

This is just a simple Pokemon Roleplay that anyone can enjoy with anyone! I'll always be here, along with Riku the Shaymin. We're always here for an adventure, so go ahead and have as much fun as you want- sometimes, fun is just waiting for you! 
(New areas/places to RP will be added as we discover them, so this will always be expanding the more adventures happen)


Flickerleaf Flickerleaf 5 days ago
Name: Kryst
                              Species & Type: Mimikyu Ghost/Fairy
                              Moveset: Shadow Sneak, Play Rough, Swords Dance, Wood Hammer
                              Ability: Disguise
                              Personality: Fearful so he likes to stay away from trouble, Reluctant, And reserved
                              Accessories: Red Card
                              Gender: Male
Starwishi Starwishi Mar 12
Name: Wisp
                              Species: Snorunt
                              Moveset: Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Fake Tears
                              Ability: Ice Body
                              Personality: quiet reserved and thoughtful
                              Accessories: a small silver anklet with a white crystal inside. Just for decoration.
Flickerleaf Flickerleaf 5 days ago
What do you mean by re-colours? Does this include shinier because I'm considering joining.
Jax_the_Treecko Jax_the_Treecko 6 days ago
                              Species & Type:Furfrou ((Dandy Trim)) Normal
                              Moveset:Headbutt, Charm, Role Play, Surf.
                              Ability:Fur Coat
                              Personality:Flattering, Likes to Compliment, Nice, Kind, and is very Docile, and likes to make jokes.
                              Accecories:A green bowtie and a green bag he likes to drag around.
Opal "Merus Visum"
                              Dazzling Gleam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Protect
                              Magic Bounce
Name - Dirk 
                              Species - Manectric
                              Type - Electric
                              Move set - Shock wave, Quick attack, Agility, Flash.
                              Ability - Speed boost
                              A normal Manectric.
                              Having stolen the mega stone held by his clan's chief, he can mega evolve. He ran away from hoenn and travels in solitude.