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Pokemon Roleplay

Pokemon Roleplay

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Risk By RiskTheRiolu Updated Jan 02

This is just a simple Pokemon Roleplay that anyone can enjoy with anyone! I'll always be here, along with Riku the Shaymin. We're always here for an adventure, so go ahead and have as much fun as you want- sometimes, fun is just waiting for you! 
(New areas/places to RP will be added as we discover them, so this will always be expanding the more adventures happen)


Navigator21 Navigator21 Apr 08
Nahid fell on the ground, with dust spreading everywhere after  his unsuccessful landing. But he was made of steel, and falling from such a height made him overheat, and the grass on which he landed was releasing smoke. 
Flickerleaf Flickerleaf May 15
Name: Frost (Don't be confused with the name, it is not an alolan form)
                              Species: A vulpix  (not alolan)
                              Moveset: Flamethrower, Imprision, Will-o-wisp, Quick Attack
                              Ability: Drought
                              Personality: Shy and fearful
                              Extras: Can't talk
                              Has a scarf around her ankle.
JohnTAD JohnTAD May 06
                              Species:Arcanine, Fire
                              Moveset:Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Extreme Speed, Crunch
                              Ability:Flash Fire
                              Personality: Torch loves fun and hates his friends fighting.  Very protective, he will do anything to keep his friends safe.  This is both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.
AkaAkaBaru AkaAkaBaru Apr 30
I'm thinking of making a comeback, but I'm only using a few characters.
_TidalJay_SkyWing_ _TidalJay_SkyWing_ Dec 02, 2016
Rio ran around the forest, looking for her favorite berries. When she found them she jumped from a side of a tree to the other and climbed the rest of the way. She quickly picked some and jumped down the tree and started to eat..