Smutty Stucky One-Shots

Smutty Stucky One-Shots

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I promised it. 




I like how everyone's like 'steve watch your language' but come ne, swearing steve is hoooot 😂😂😂❤❤❤❤
I like how they just casually have lube on the counter within reach
DaddarioDaddy DaddarioDaddy 4 days ago
(Love.lust. heroine) is what came to my mind just now😂😂 anyone who watches rupaul's drag will understand
Raizenix Raizenix Mar 19
And this is the point I started reading in a Jacksepticeye voice lol
And these guys see like....what.....90 something years old XD
Raizenix Raizenix Mar 19
We playin' pool? With balls and sticks? Holyfukimsorrynotsorrylol