Smutty Stucky One-Shots

Smutty Stucky One-Shots

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I promised it. 




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Zitronchen Zitronchen Jan 22
Goddamn it now I have a headcanon that the avengers are betting on where they do it next and that they have special cameras and nat is in front of the screen and she just screams through the house "THE GAMEROOM THE GAMEROOM ON THE POOLTABLE!"
Zitronchen Zitronchen Jan 22
Ok so at the moment I am sitting in my bed casually sipping hot chocolate with my biology notes next to me untouched oh and let's not forget fairy lights on and my chill playlist wow I have never been so relaxed in years
Zitronchen Zitronchen Jan 22
I am supposed to learn for's the same right?only these are not plants
CarryOnWinchester CarryOnWinchester Mar 14, 2017
I like how they just casually have lube on the counter within reach
oxXDaddyXxo oxXDaddyXxo Aug 15, 2017
(Love.lust. heroine) is what came to my mind just now😂😂 anyone who watches rupaul's drag will understand
Ohmymymy-ovaries Ohmymymy-ovaries Nov 14, 2017
When the 90 year olds are more spunky and energetic then most 20 year olds 😂