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Reborn (Avengers - Multiple Pairing)

Reborn (Avengers - Multiple Pairing)

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insaneredhead By insaneredhead Updated 3 days ago

Do you believe in reincarnations? Do you believe that there is someone out there that the universe is desperate to match you with? So much so that they bring you back time and time again to find your other half, only for something to tear you apart again. Eve Wayne didn't believe in things like that, like fate and destiny, she had been found at five years old shivering, wet and memoryless outside of Wayne manor, of course Bruce being Bruce couldn't leave her to fend for herself so he took her in, named her Eve and raised her a Wayne, FATE? DESTINY? or just bad parenting? Someone left her outside of the manor and that lead to Bruce being her father, that also lead her to becoming The Huntress, Batman's sidekick (and daughter) and of course come the Battle of New York, this lead her to meeting a certain Avenger, one that would cause her entire world to come crashing down!!!
  --Banner pairing
  --Barton pairing
  --Pietro pairing
  --Steve pairing
  --Loki pairing (slightly different from the others - he already being a god)
  --Bucky Pairing
    MORE TO COME........

JoJo_jmc JoJo_jmc Sep 16, 2016
Awwwww that is so cute and sad her middle name is Bruce Waynes, mothers name
Yoongibear1998 Yoongibear1998 Jun 19, 2016
Maybe Tony or Bruce can be her soulmate since I don't remember either of them having a relationship with the OC in any of your other books
Mischief4Life Mischief4Life Jun 18, 2016
I like it. Can't wait to read more.  And are you looking for an OC or an actual hero for her soul mate
rukoitalian65 rukoitalian65 Jun 19, 2016
I vote Banner♡ or Pietro♡, to pair the Huntress with! : }
Sky-full-of-stxrs Sky-full-of-stxrs Sep 07, 2016
Ayyee Oli, first laurel then Sarah then felicity now her, dude pick someone to love already 😂