100 Drabbles

100 Drabbles

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Baby Snake Tamer By Sitting_in_my_Ships Updated Oct 20

Writing 100 short stories

Only using one word and one crafter each person suggests

Requests open

I don't quite understand the directions. Is it asking me to do something like "Cake and Bodil?"
Dollhouse, Deadlox.
                              This could be a horror idea. Just saying. *smiles*
Deadlox and defeat
                              Do what you must with this. I will mostly suggest emotional words instead of items if that is okay
Twitch, Bodil
                              *shrugs* I'm curious to see what you would come up with.
                              Mental, Sky
Empower, Seto. (I'm a word nerd so fighting the urge to put in ridiculous words XD)