Our Senior Year /// Book 1

Our Senior Year /// Book 1

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(Y/N) Ro'maeve is Garroth Ro'maeve's twin sister and they are both going to experience their final year of high school at Phoenix Drop High together...that is, until Garroth's best friend, Laurance Zvahl is spending more with the twins. After the first day of their senior year, (Y/N) starts feeling something when she's around Laurance. Even after she went through a tough break-up over the summer. 

PLEASE NOTE! This is my first fan-fic, so sorry if it isn't too great. ALSO, there is nothing inappropriate in this story and there is no foul language. AND this has nothing to do with the actual story line of Aphmau's series. ALL characters and places belong to APHMAU! NOT ME! 

Besides that, hope you enjoy! 


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OfficialBatWife OfficialBatWife May 01, 2017
Can't help it when a character does something dumb I have to be a hater for a moment
Icey4everfrosted Icey4everfrosted Jun 10, 2017
I have sandy blonde hair as garroth and much lighter eyes than him and I have peachy pale skin
XxHailTheStormsxX XxHailTheStormsxX Oct 13, 2017
I have blond hair. And I was like.., uhhhh... this doesn’t make sense... lol
                              But my hair is a bit darker than Garroths. Mines borderline dirty blond.
TheBlackBandit123 TheBlackBandit123 Nov 01, 2017
Wait if Garroth and I are seniors, isn’t Zane a Junior? And Vylad too...?
Necro_Nyx Necro_Nyx Jul 12, 2017
Wait, when Zane and Vlad were freshmen, Laurence and GARROTH were sophomores.
FluffyRinRin FluffyRinRin Oct 12, 2017
Woah he manage to fit the computer in his beg not labtop?I'm surprised