Blood Rivals (Book 3)

Blood Rivals (Book 3)

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latishabrat17 By latishabrat17 Updated Apr 27, 2018

Book 3 in The Mafia's Daughter trilogy

Adelaide has gotten blow up, shot at and now is nursing a stab wound from her now dead sister, Evelina which has shaken her a bit since it almost killed her too. 

Just when Addy thinks all she had to do now was recover and take over the family business, she is told her father is dead and her mother Belle-Marie, who was said to be dead for years, is actually not and ready to be back in her daughter's life. But Addy's friends think that Belle might have came back for a different reason. To top it off, Belle- Marie had another daughter that no one knew about named Azmina. Now Addy has to deal with a younger sister who isn't what everyone seems to think of her. 

In the final book of The Mafia's Daughter trilogy, Addy faces her biggest enemy of all: her own blood. This time there is no unforeseeable family betrayal or strangers trying to kill her. Can she bear to take the life of another family member if the time comes? Secrets will be uncovered, loyalty will be questioned and tough decisions will be made. 

And, if Addy fails, she might not wake back up this time...