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Nick Wilde x Reader

Nick Wilde x Reader

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Cameron By FandomFanGirl4life Updated Oct 06, 2016

You are an Artic Fox from Tundra Town. You came to Zootopia to open an ice cream shop for smaller mammals since you'd been told the elephants had the right to refuse service from anyone. 

You are (Y/n). Your fur is white and your eyes are (e/c). There is one animal that doesn't call you by your name, rather Snowflake. Who is that animal? Guess you'll have to read to find out.

You can't choose your color fur or animal, sorry. I wanted a Arctic Fox to be in the story and I'm soooo sorry!DX
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SupaCuteKawaiiGirl SupaCuteKawaiiGirl Oct 22, 2016
Michelle lol......but i'm making my oc x Nick soooooo...yeah it's an embarasing name....
ChenoaB17 ChenoaB17 Oct 28, 2016
Funny thing is my friends call me Snow instead of my real name, or Pika but mostly Snow
SupaCuteKawaiiGirl SupaCuteKawaiiGirl Oct 22, 2016
Gotta love this Nickname😂😂
                              See wut i did there? *starts laughing*
                              O-okay.....i'm gonna go back to my corner now....
TheFANFICTIONerd TheFANFICTIONerd Dec 13, 2016
I had actually had an idea of writing a nick fanfic with an arctic fox, but I wanted to see if anyone had already made one... And here it is. First thing that pops up when I type in 'nick Wilde'.
By 'one small with huge ears' you mean 'A Fennec Fox'
                              Sorry to correct you it was just really bothering me
summerserpentine summerserpentine Oct 16, 2016
I have a feeling that Snowflake is gonna become an awesome new nickname for me. I named my character Snowy Winter