FNAF 4 x Reader Collection

FNAF 4 x Reader Collection

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CrazyOverPurple17 By CrazyOverPurple17 Completed

A collection of FNAF 4 x Reader fanfics I made.

Prepare for the nightmare of your life! 😈

Credit for cover picture: (I forgot where I got this pic from. Does anyone know who created it?)

Am in the only one who loves the pic so much that I saved it as my home screen?
Hmm 10! Coz i am 10..... who is a complete child and will hug the nightmare animtronics even tho they wan't 2 kill me..... yes. i am an idiot.
Good story but it isn't exactly what I was originally expecting
I will choose 10 cause they won't come after me when I Hite 11, right?
Antlerca Antlerca May 14
I'm always paranoid. Even if I know a wall or something is behind me-- man, I jump at the slightest noise.
What your only child but you have a sibling? I can understand if you forgot in like five chapters but the same phargaph