FNAF 4 x Reader Collection

FNAF 4 x Reader Collection

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Erika Gunnerson By CrazyOverPurple18 Updated 5 days ago

A collection of FNAF 4 x Reader fanfics I made.

Prepare for the nightmare of your life! 😈

Credit for cover picture: endymush.deviantart.com

Mature content on because of some subjects that may be sensitive to others.

What did you REALLY  think I put mature content on for?


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Yuri: Are you trying to kill my brother? *rips him to shreds*
inkedfnaffelltale inkedfnaffelltale Dec 21, 2017
Nightmare Bonnie is my favorite. I don't know why I just feel.....idk. Even in the game when he jumpscares me. I don't actually jump like the other ones. I just laugh. And sometimes it freezes up when I get jumpscared so I can see the jumpscares longer. Idj, just please don't judge.
I thought Freddy was on are side or was that just for the chapter before?
That's reassuring, thanks you crusty fox
                              Foxy: *droops ears*
🎶🎶Oddly enough feels like im not alone! woah! Sorry guys but you have to go my mom and dad are not comfortable with robots watching me when im all alone!🎶🎵🎵
                              *BASE DROP*
                              WELCOME HOME GIRLS AND BOYS
BrittneyMack7 BrittneyMack7 Dec 27, 2017
I don't understand why you soon cold 
                              Enough to chill my bones
                              Feels like I don't know you anymore
                              I don't understand why you so cold
                              (Maroon 5😉)