Carl Grimes Imagines

Carl Grimes Imagines

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trash. By skateriggs Updated Oct 04

because who doesn't want to imagine about carl?

chandler riggs imagines included!

i do not own carl, chandler, or the walking dead. i only own the crap imagines that i write. 

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VoidMaggie VoidMaggie Jun 01
Glenn just got rekt. RIP -- it wasn't Negan's bat that got the kill shot, that comment did.
And Judith is just chilling while being crushed by our bodies, mm cool
ShannaEFP ShannaEFP May 01
Yeah, i ship Carl and the plant too :')) Anyway this firsti chap translated is online :) I mentioned you :))
sondergirl sondergirl May 26
love is overrated that's why people-like me- are single. goodbye
PastelSalsa PastelSalsa Mar 18
My OTP is 
                              Carl Grimes x King County Sheriff Hat
                              they make a cute couple.
Halbal26 Halbal26 Jun 20
Omg i was thinking the same thing it's now on the top of my lost of thing I ship wi carl grimes