Carl Grimes Imagines

Carl Grimes Imagines

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trash ;; By skateriggs Updated 6 hours ago

because who doesn't want to imagine about carl?

chandler riggs imagines included!

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arcticwinchesters arcticwinchesters 6 days ago
Glenn: *walks down runway like model* 
                              Me: You go, Glenn Coco. Work it girl! 
                              Glenn: *rips pants* *laughing* I just ripped my pants!
                              Me: *bursts out laughing*
Hyperba Hyperba Oct 31
"making your blue eyes stare at his blue ones"
                              that was a weird sentence/insert for me
                              dunno why
All of my guy friends are gay... idk what that means. Like I don't chose them as friends bc I know they are gay they all just end up being gay.
gIennita gIennita Oct 26
Same tbh. I hang with a guy and apparently people are like "you two dating!!11!1!11"
My best friend and I dated two years back for a while (we've been best friends for about five years) and everyone is so convinced we're dating yikes
And then you realized that they were real fireworks and you both got surrounded vy walkers and died☺