My granny's in love with my boyfriend

My granny's in love with my boyfriend

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UpgradeQueen By UpgradeQueen Updated 4 days ago

Is your grandma bloody thirsty for boys? Mine is. She's always by the window dribbling every time they walk past. And don't get me started on the mailman. 

She's unusually healthy for a woman over 100. She walks around the house half naked and leaves her false teeth *accidentally* in my food. But she doesn't stop there...

Find out what happens when she meets the two most populist boys in my school...

Malak Watson & Jaden Delarosa 


SGIRL-Jay SGIRL-Jay Jul 04
Jamaris 14 light skin curly brown hair and honey, and hazel Brown eyes. I have shoe game and I dance rap act I'm also loyal to everyone unless u puss me off
glitchcity glitchcity Jun 24
That won't be a problem cause I'm single (:
                              Also my gramma don't live in the US. And my gramma from my other side is dead..
Light skin curly hair name Diamond green eyes fleek outfits with good shoe game and I'm 17
What I.n the hell she know she too old to be messing with my baby tyrese so she. Better  not mess with jaden lmaoo
                              I'm light skin with curly hair😀 I don't take bull from nobody. I'm bipolar sometimes😆 I got shoe game and Im a good friend
Idk bruh I couldn't take it seriously tbh😂😬😂 But I would eventually tell her to back tf off😡😉😂