I'm not stalking I'm just investigating.

I'm not stalking I'm just investigating.

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UpgradeQueen By UpgradeQueen Updated Jun 16

"You see... he's my boyfriend, he just doesn't know it yet." 

(prepare your self for one weird ass story featuring Malak Watson) 

" I collect the air Malak breathes in. Totally normal compared to what I've done over the last few months, never mind years. I've sold his saliva on eBay, I've stored his hair in a tiny wooden box under my bed. But worse of all... I've stroked his neck with a pencil. 

But STILL he hasn't noticed me.

But that will all change once he's found me in his wardrobe...." 

(By the way THIS IS NOT A TRUE STORY! I'm not this weird in real life...... Yet) 

(Lmaoo this is kind of a creepy story but the more you vote and comment the quicker I'll update! Enjoyyyyyy)


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I like cheese and trains and turtles.....Teletubbies..... Bavkyardgians...imma just Yea get to know me🙄🙃
ExoticTaste ExoticTaste Jul 24
I LOVE DEMONS!!😩😭😭💕💕dey so sexy like yass daddy
Tf no bitch u stalkin😂😂😭😭😭😷😷😫😔😕
ItzCyn_Duhh ItzCyn_Duhh Sep 22
Boy who caught me: Aye what you doing in hea?
                              Me: Oh ya know stealing underwear the usual.....
                              Boy who caught me: *Russell Westbrook voice* Bro what.......no bruh you tripping
Creppy but then its funny tho but idk😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sniffing underwear. 
                              Mmmm juicy ___
                              Jk LOL