The vampire's wolf

The vampire's wolf

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Loup amant By OtakuLoli Completed

Dimitri is the son of the Alpha of his pack. Strong and fearless, he is the next in line for the pack.
What happens when he catches the eye of the vampire king that is supposed to move into the pack territory with his coven?

WARNING: This book will contain BoyxBoy/ManxMan action and relationships, so if you don't like it, don't read.

NOTE: This is the first book of a series, you can find the rest on my profile. :)

HelloClaire HelloClaire Dec 04, 2016
Why is everyone gay I mean I love guy people- come on, I AM gay, but seriously?? Straight ppl do exist
HelloClaire HelloClaire Dec 04, 2016
😂😂they're like 'blah blah, normal conversation' DAT ASS
HelloClaire HelloClaire Dec 04, 2016
O mi god that's the best way anyone could ever describe periods😂😂
DaddyLauBourgeois DaddyLauBourgeois Nov 15, 2016
For something so delicious he made it sound so unappealing 😣
DearlyDClear DearlyDClear Nov 08, 2016
You can sparkle now *yells sparkle, throws glitter on them, and then runs*
Oh so I read it and I was like PLEASE then I saw it but like no !!