A Mistake Of Life √[BxB BDSM]

A Mistake Of Life √[BxB BDSM]

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Blossy By bloomferrel Completed

In a world where the rich dominates the poor. The rich gets to own slaves, while the poor never gets a chance to escape their life

Mitch was homeless after being fired from his job and got kicked out of the house by the landlord. He met Kirstie, Avi and Kevin, who led him to stay at slavemaster Scott Hoying's mansion

Little that Mitch knew the mistake he made on the first day could change his life forever

Little that Scott knew the mistake he made on an innocent soul could change his life forever

One soul
Two mistakes

Warning: BDSM and smutty shit. Emotional roller coaster so prepare a box of tissues


@jensux see mama, I'm not the only one who gets kinky ideas/inspirations from you 😊
Okay I laughed when I saw black guy, but God dudes you took it a bit far..like chill tf out
lvilvJ lvilvJ Sep 07
Describe him as if you painted him white because his color is apparently the most important thing to you smdh
areese2014 areese2014 Aug 17
I'm probably going to sound stupid if I ask but I have never known what BDSM stands  for or what it means could someone tell me
Okay^ I understand where she's coming from, but that was rude