Forcefully Yours

Forcefully Yours

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niqabiprincess By niqabiprincess Updated Dec 27, 2016

#3 highest ranking alhamdulillah!!

Prophet (PBUH)said:"The most perfect believer in faith is the one whose character is finest and who is kindest to his wife"

"Don't u dare talk to me like that" he said in a high pitch tone his eyes were turning black with anger my hands started shaking  with fear but i managed to stay strong in front of him

"You are a cruel man but keep in your mind I am not scared of you monster" i felt  urge of crying but i cant show my weakness to him he then smirked and asked

"oh really,of course you are not scared of me"he said in a sarcastic  tone he came forward slowly towards me with a sly smile 

"Don't come near me or" i don't know what to continue so i just show  my deadly glare so he can fear me 

"Or,what??"he asked me with a smirk

"or i will bite you with my dangerous teeth" i said with a victorious smile because  my teeth is the best weapon i have by hearing that he started to laugh like a maniac ugh i hate him now and will always forever 

The cover credit goes to@itsfirstmalaika

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lolapoplol lolapoplol Jul 28
That just got way to intense & deep. But glad the main character is still a jerk .. O_o
And FYI I'll not love you by the end of the story. No no way
AashiIrf AashiIrf Nov 13, 2016
This is insane mannnn , first I will murder you and then cut you into tiny pieces, then I will not feed you the docs ,they will come by themselves after inhaling the mouth watering aroma of your flesh 😈
Queen_Sanaa Queen_Sanaa Feb 21
I love Humsafar! I cried the whole time, so beautiful 😢😢❤❤
AashiIrf AashiIrf Nov 13, 2016
Allah Allah the Galies which are coming in my mind which I m able to be blunt here ..but nevertheless 😡
awhkward- awhkward- Dec 29, 2016
My mom used to watch humsafar and i also joined her in between,To be honest that show was fab👌👌