My Bully's Sex Toy ☆ Frerard

My Bully's Sex Toy ☆ Frerard

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Fish By DoctorGay Completed

Frank Iero has fucked every girl in the school who would let him, and now none of them are talking to him. In his horny-teenager state of mind, his eyes fall on the boy he bullies on a daily basis.

Gerard Way has shoulder-length hair and feminine features. Frank could pretend he was a girl, right?

[Triggers: bullying, forced into sexual acts, abuse]

[Contains a lot of smut]

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*attempts to cover mouth*
                              NO IT's MUCH BETTER TO FACE THESE KINDS OF THINGS
                              I want what I want
                              I need what I need
                              I want what I need
                              I need what I want
You go Moikey
                              And WOOT we got Petekey
Denis???, gerard's friend from highschool??.....when he was talking about Uncle TT?? O shoot
*Slaps Frank lightly with a baseball bat*  Next time, it will be a full on hit to your filthy skull.  It'll knock some sense into your head.
Have I read this before? I think I have but I don’t see any previous comments made by me.