My Bully's Sex Toy ☆ Frerard

My Bully's Sex Toy ☆ Frerard

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Ciah By DoctorGay Completed

Frank Iero has fucked every girl in the school who would let him, and now none of them are talking to him. In his horny-teenager state of mind, his eyes fall on the boy he bullies on a daily basis.

Gerard Way has shoulder-length hair and feminine features. Frank could pretend he was a girl, right?

[Triggers: bullying, forced into sexual acts, abuse]

[Contains a lot of smut]

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Like, I'd be okay with being Frank iero's sex toy. But that's just me
*gathers Gee into my lap and wraps a blanket around us* my baby.
Oh wow. Let's just, by that do you mean you get sexual pleasure or...?
You should have said the woods cause now every joshler shipper in existence is triggered
Frank that is not how you treat a bottom that just held his breath till you came.