Puppet Master (A Robin Fanfic)

Puppet Master (A Robin Fanfic)

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Dick Grayson, the new hero on the street who goes by Puppet Master. With his new powers of course, how he got them? Kind of a long story.

 Ya see, with his new life comes new challenges, new people and even more villains! How will this kid survive? With the Young Justice Leage and the Justice league on his tail he faces the world head on.

(Warning its old and it sucks)

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EveisRossome EveisRossome May 05, 2017
Aqualad is so salty, if you dipped him in a lake, it would turn into an ocean.
He just marked everyone!!!! *hugs him and doesn't get marked* That's my birdy
miaelpida miaelpida Sep 01, 2017
The first thing that popped into my head was Robin..then I thought wait...
ErrorNoUsernameFound ErrorNoUsernameFound Oct 26, 2017
My first thought was Deathstroke... I think I need to go to a mental hospital...
heart_of_a_Slytherin heart_of_a_Slytherin Dec 28, 2016
If I had this power I would mark everyone in my school and then In the middle of the day have them all break out in to the Macarena. 
                              Wait I take that back 
                              I would mark everyone but one person
                              They would be so confused
Suzsuzlynn58 Suzsuzlynn58 Feb 02, 2017
First thought, Roy, just like everyone else here in this small comment section, not the WHOLE comment section.