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IA Reacts To SHIPS

IA Reacts To SHIPS

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→Shinitai-Chan By Pepsi_IA Updated Dec 28, 2016

Technically not copying my friends...
      So uh...yeah...YEAH
    Highest Rankin' #79 in Random

Official-HakuY Official-HakuY Sep 02, 2016
Admin : Haku x Dell
                              Fukase x Rin
                              I don't have any other ideas tbh
jeannie_mc jeannie_mc Jul 31, 2016
Nobody suggested yet so...
                              Kiyoteru x Luka
                              Oliver x Yuki
                              Mayu x Piko
                              I wuv Mayu btw ^~^
Official_Carrot Official_Carrot Jun 30, 2016
I ship myself with ...ummm me aka gumi x kaito were so cute together look it up
ShiroNeko5192 ShiroNeko5192 Jul 02, 2016
                              Mikuo x Len
                              Len x Rin x Rinto
                              Lenka x Rei
                              Rui x Len
                              Gumi x Luka
                              Miku x Luka
                              Piko x Len
                              Oliver x Len
                              Kaito x Len x Gakupo
                              Gumi x Len x Rin
                              Gumo x Rin
                              Teto x Len
                              Miku x Len *pukes*
                              Len x banana
                              Gumo x carrots
                              Luka x tunas
                              Rin x oranges
                              Kaito x ice creams
WesNightshade WesNightshade Aug 03, 2016
SeeMiUKu/Shimiyuku (SeeU x Miku)
                              Please react to this ship.
                              (It's also a title to a Vocaloid song sang by those two.)
                              And also Mayu x Tei (I like to call that one Yandere Love)
fadedjpg fadedjpg Jun 29, 2016
                              I Like To Keep Miku Away From Kaito, Rin, And Mikuo.
                              She Belongs To Luka >_>