Tower - A Darkiplier x JackSepticEye FanFiction

Tower - A Darkiplier x JackSepticEye FanFiction

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Jack can't remember anything as he woke up in an unfamiliar place. He is known as just another prisoner among many. The castle is a place where no one has ever escaped. The only way to leave is by being killed by the Wardens and be given to the beast, who has never been seen by anyone. What worries Jack more is the fact that his given mark is more detailed than the others marks. Everyone thinks that the mark on his forearm will have him fall victim to the beast sooner than others. What does it all mean?

This is more of a horror story than anything else, but a good bit of Septiplier is thrown in.

*I do not own the artwork in the cover*

This story is a Septiplier horror fanfiction based off of one of my favorite songs called "Tower" by Avatar. It's also partially based off of a fan made music video for the song. If you want to ruin a lot of the plot, watch the music video. I recommend listening to the song to get a feel for the story.

Warning: Swearing, needles, dead bodies, stuff like that.

Save me from this nightmare I can't escape this hell 
                              Know the song?
MsKairos MsKairos Sep 25
AHHHHHHH I WOVE IT!!!!!! *Squeals* im gonna continue reading.
septiplier_kwami septiplier_kwami 3 days ago
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Halp. I heard something i didnt wanna hear......
I saw the word trench coat and my mind when Supernatural Castiel
This is legit giving me an American Horror Story Asylum vibe and I love it