My Demon , My Curse

My Demon , My Curse

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Latino-sama By Latino-sama Updated Jun 27

Naruto was always shunned even when he did good things but there was one clan that accepted him as a hero for they knew what actually happened during the kyuubi no kitsune attack.

In this clan Naruto found something he never thought he'd find ,love.


ultralykan ultralykan Sep 04
Ino shika cho is team ten team 9 is the ten rock Lee and neji are on
Eye_secret Eye_secret Jun 22
Well I have to say it's interesting. I'll keep an eye on this story so make something really good out of it. Also could you explain how Suki got the Twotails?
I think Suki is imaging things... Naruto didn't add "-chan" to Ino's name, unless it was a mistake. Or that Suki is way jealous and possessive of her Naruto-kun....
Kimiko_14 Kimiko_14 Jul 16
Bahahahaha  yeah ino get naru Kun 😂 uchiha bakaka u should be nice to him
Sinorro Sinorro Sep 29
Sighs... When will Naruto realize Suki loves him he's so dense. Can't wait to read the next chapter I'm hooked on this story.
I like it very interesting I hope you will try to make more chapters cause this feel like a great story. :DD